Sunday, February 14, 2010

Card for Andre

This is a other valentine card
that I made for Andre (our friend)
It funny because he just stop working for a couple of week
and this is what he do in the day time
sit on the couch and eat junk food
so went I saw this stamp from Hanna stamps
I could see Andre doing the same
and his couch is blue to
So I gave it tonight and said o ya that me
but he is not a moose ha ha
pour toi mean for you

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Card for Delia

On Dustin Pike site I saw some thing that was very sad
about a little girl,who is very sick
she is diagnosed with
that is so sad for a 10 year old little girl
So Dustin ask who ever want to make her a card for Delia
and said that she like owls
so I made a this card for her
and the image come from Dustin Pike site and it is for free
so go to Dustin Pike site and read all about Delia

new stamp

OK I got a new stamp ,this come from penny black collection
this is so cute
now I guess it look like a baby card
so I will give it to some one that just got a baby
next time I will do it difference,
hope you like this if you look at this please leave a comment
it would be nice to see who is looking
byeee for now

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Valentine card for Bertrand

Rusty Pickle Digital Freebie
I got image from Rusty pickle digital as a freebie
thank you for this image
and I made this for my boyfriend ,
for valentine card.
I hope he will like this
there is a story about a skunk
one day I will write about it .
I know I like it a lot he is cute
Happy valentine day Bertrand

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Vince birthday card

I made this for my borther-in-law Vince
this is a stamp that I got
a couple week ago,and color it in
I like this stamp it is very cute
Hope you like it Vince ,hope you like fishing
and many more to come .

Other Magnolia

I made this last night.
like alway I think she is so cute ,
I did her in pink it is a color that I like alot .
I will sent this to my mother for valentine
I guess she will like this .
and it say on the top
you have a piece of my heart
I guess this will do for valentine .